Best and Worst of Free Agency

by fantasyfootballmaven0

Jermon Bushrod: How many times can you swing at the fucking ball and miss? The number one indicator of a quarterbacks success is the protection. Say what you want about Cutler but he has gotten pummeled worse than any quarterback in the league and put up solid numbers. He has a winning record in Chicago and they refuse to help this guy.

This isn’t coming from me but apparently, according to pro football focus (Look it up I’m at work typing this and can’t insert links) is one of the worst starting left tackles in the league. This is with Bree’s quick release.

The Bears have really only one real move here because Cutler is going to get pummeled again: Go for broke and pick up Jake Long. Yeah I know everyone says he’ll be a bust but at least now you can say you tried. You have J’marcus Webb driving around wasted because he sucks and Gabe Carimi completely lost out there. You lost out on Phil Loadholdt, just go for it.

Miami Dolphins: Every year the kings of free agency get pummeled when the season starts. I don’t know what it is about receivers switching teams but for some reason it just doesn’t work out. The list is endless: Peerless Price, David boston, Laurent Robinson just to name a few.

I’m calling it now, Mike Wallace will be next. He was surrounded by a great QB in Ben Ro and a world class organization in Pittsburgh. You think Wallace is going to behave himself in Miami? With Phillip Wheeler and Ellerbe signing huge contracts too? These guys will do just about everything except play good football. 3 years from now Ellerbe and Wallace will be cut. I still have hope for Wheeler but when’s the last time a quality player has come out of the Raiders organization?

Wes Welker: John Elway is a killer. Plain and simple. However good this guy was as a QB he is just murdering it as a GM. The moves this guy is making are simply unreal. Not only did he not break the bank, but he brings in Welker for as much as Brian Hartline is getting. It’s highway robbery plain and simple.

Then he goes out a brings in a Del Rio player in Porkchop Knighton. To excellent signings without breaking the bank.

How can this offense get better than it already is? There’s no way in a million years I’d guess the Patriots would low ball Welker that bad. If he just signed for 2yrs $6 million what the hell did the partiots offer him? They must really think he’s a chump, purely the product of the Patriots system.

Lets not forget McDaniels the team obliterator is the offensive coordinator. I would bet my first born son he had a huge part in this. I’m calling it. Brady has a down year. He’s had his very best years with Welker there.

Kruger and Bryant: There’s a guy like this every year. Someone who has more potential than resume. Kruger’s success depends on how they use him. I could see him coming out and getting 10 sacks a year. Ray Horton is an excellent defensive coordinator and Michael Lombardi is a solid off season pickup. If these two guys weren’t involved I would say this would be one of the worst pick ups but I feel like he’ll be ok.

This is crazy. Another guy coming out of the Raiders get’s paid. The Raiders really had no choice. They are in the middle of an awful re-building situation. It’s going to get worse before it get’s better. They are essentially playing with a $90 million cap as opposed to a $123 million cap. Desmond Bryant is supposed to be pretty good, DUI or not so I like the pick up for the same reasons I like the Kruger pick up.

Alright, I need to get back to work. Have a great day. I promise I’ll break down potential fantasy impacts for next year very soon!