These guys deserved to make the Pro Bowl

by fantasyfootballmaven0


Maybe were just splitting hairs here but here are a few guys I thought should have made the pro bowl but didn’t. Getting snubbed during voting is the result of a variety of factors, one of the biggest being the Madden effect. There are plenty of fans out there who base their voting on how the player did in their video game, not from actual real life non-polygon game action. How do I know this? Well, it’s mostly just a theory, or a hunch, but one of my biggest pieces of evidence is the former Cowboys safety from Oklahoma, Roy Williams.

You see when Roy came out of Oklahoma he posted freakish like numbers at the NFL Combine. This was back before everyone watched the combine and the draft began at 9:30AM! Well, 11:30 East coast but 9:30 if you live in Colorado like me (Don’t even try to act like you woke up for it).

He was the first of what would become a trend where teams began to draft freak safeties in the top 10. Everyone wanted one of these hard hitting guys who ran a 4.3 and could jump over your whole family (with the new rules they aren’t as effective but that’s a topic for another day).

Anyways, Roy Williams had a consistent problem that plagued him for his entire career: He had the tendency to give up big plays and get beat deep. You know, the most important job for a safety, he couldn’t even do.

This was on full display during a 2005 Monday night football game that had the cowboys playing the Redskins. With the Skins’ down 13-0 with under 5 mintes left Mark Brunell hit Santana Moss in the back of the endzone, right over Roy Williams head.

Well, after the Skins stopped the Cowboys on their next possession, Brunell bombed it to Santana Moss again over Roy Williams head, who then took it to the house, with the final score 14-13 Redskins!

Quick Note: Santana Moss and Roy Williams both posted 4.3 40yd dashes at the combine. Apparently there are two different 4.3 40 yd dash speeds because Santana Moss made ol’ Roy eat his dust. Weird

Anyways, all that isn’t really the point. The thing that never made sense was that Roy Williams made 5 straight pro bowls! 5! And during that time he gave up a lot of huge plays to opposing offenses. At the end of the day he turned out to be a great run stuffing safety, kind of like having another linebacker out there. He never really became the dominant enforcer that they wanted him to be because even if he ended up knocking someones socks off the next series he’d give up a pass play that made him look silly.

How was he in Madden during that time? Well, apparently EA Sports never got the memo that he just wasn’t all that great. They just gave him the best stats in all the areas that counted. His speed, agility, acceleration and strength were all in the high 90’s. In the game he didn’t give up many big plays and was always around the ball. If you played with him in franchise mode he would level up to a 99 and, surprise surprise, make pro bowl after pro bowl. The Madden effect at its finest!

Enough nerd talk! Heres my list of guys I think should’ve made the pro bowl but got snubbed instead. Never mind if it’s a pointless game to watch. If applied correctly the pro bowl proves to others that you’re a dominant player during your stint in the league, unless of course, you’re a safety for the cowboys named Roy Williams who ran a slow 4.3 40 yd dash. Is that even possible?

1. Andrew Luck: Ok. Ok. I get it. RG3 is sweet to watch but all Andrew Luck did was live up to some of the biggest, if not THE biggest, hype of all time for an incoming rookie coming out of college. What about all the Peyton manning comparisons? Oh, well, he merely exceeded them in his first year, breaking the rookie passing yardage mark set by Cam Newton just one year ago. But he can’t possibly perform under the pressure created by playing after one of the top 3 QB’s of all time, could he? Well, actually, yes he can not only perform but he has done it in style, turning around a team that raised the white flag last year right after the previous season had ended. They got pummeled last year but he has gotten the best out of a subpar group of players and also added a few mores years to the careers of former stars like Reggie Wayne, Dwight Freeney and Rasheen Mathis. Yes, I know two of those guys play defense but that’s the incredible effect a great QB can have on all phases of the game. The defense will rally and play harder for a guy who they trust and believe in and also have the opposite effect by giving up before a game even starts (See the 2011 Indianapolis Colts for proof of this effect in a bad way).

Anyways, all he’s done is take the worst team of last year to the playoffs. Manning didn’t even do that. What about all those picks he throws? You can shove those picks up your ace because Manning had way more his rookie year and also posted a record well below .500 at, correct me if I’m wrong, 3-13. I rest my case.

2. Roddy White: Roddy White getting snubbed for his very own teammate Julio Jones is like finding your prom date at the dance with your 40 year old uncle. Alright, definitely not that weird but it sure is a little bit off don’t yah think? Roddy has 200 more yards receiving, more 20+ yard receiving plays and more catches resulting in first downs than Julio. Remember when everyone was all excited about Julio Jones breaking out this year? Well, he wasn’t as dominant as we all thought and he also disappeared in several games while old reliable kept churning out the yards. How can you get a promotion when you show up every other week? Once again, look to the Madden effect for explanation. Roddy White has been doing it for years and it’s straight up disrespectful to vote Julio in over him. Being the class act that he is I’m sure it’ll just roll off his back as he has another 7 catch, 115 yd receiving day with 1 receiving TD. Wheres Mr. Jones you say? I thought he was on the field but that would be hard to argue for with 2 catches for 9 yards. Burn.

3. Dez Bryant: Receivers are a frustrating group of players. One year they play like god, the next year they play like your sister. They disappear for several games, posting under 50 yds a game on just 3 receptions, then suddenly wake up with 150 yds on 6 catches and 2 touchdowns. It truly is rare to have a consistent wide receiver year in and year out. There are like 5-6 in the entire league on any given year and most begin to flame out in their early 30’s.

Well, Dez had this flash in the pan receiver act down to a tee. I would’ve put my whole life savings on him fitting the description above (P.S. I have a hard time saving anything). I was on the bandwagon who never thought he’d put it together, and if he did, couldn’t keep it together for very long.

Well, whatever ends up happening with ol’ Dez doesn’t matter this year. He deserves to be in the Pro Bowl. Look at the way he’s dominated the 2nd half of games? The last game he had over 200 yds receiving with only 9 working fingers! He’s making defensive backs look silly and finally, after 3 long years, showing us what we’ve always thought he could do but never had up to this point!

Will he continue to do so? I don’t know and I really don’t care. Sit Victor Cruz down and put Dez in there. So what if he can’t salsa and needs a round the clock security crew. He is making receivers with 10 fingers looks straight up stupid.