The Colin Kaepernick Dilema

by fantasyfootballmaven0


This probably shouldn’t even be a question the way Kapernick has been playing but with the defensive matchup this weekend it is.

The 49ers travel to Seattle to play the magnificent Russel Wilson. Both defenses are amongst the very best in the league. There’s a lot on the line for both of these teams. If Seattle win’s then they have a chance to overtake San Frans divisional crown. While it’s not as simple as pulling off a straight up win (the 49ers have to lose the following week) it still would provide a sizable momentum shift in Seattles favor.

Russel Wilson has been on fire. I’ve been observing for several weeks now trying to see if this raging bull slows down or has a let down game. It’s yet to happen. Last week I went super sleeper defense and started the Bills DST, which scored 0 points and almost knocked me out of championship contention. Wilson shredded the Bills defense, leaving them demoralized and confused about life in general.

The Seahawks defense have been playing at a super human level. How else can one explain back to back 50 burgers in the NFL? It just doesn’t happen that often and hasn’t since when? The 1950’s? Sounds about right.

But wait a tick. Two of Seattles defensive champions, Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner, could be suspended for PEDs. So, would you say it’s safe to start Colin Kapernick against a defense that plays even better at home with out 2 of it’s key pieces? Do I dare bench Colin Kapernick for Sam Bradford in a 2 QB league with $800 up for grabs? Lets investigate a little more.

Sam Bradford get’s a dream matchup, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who somehow managed to play at a Madden NFL 2013 Rookie level. You know what I’m talking about? Where all of your pass and run plays work, especially the big ones down the field?

The Tampa Bay secondary has been one of the worst ones of all time and Ol’ Sammy just came off of a 377yd 2TD performance. It seems so great on paper, do I dare bench Kapernick for lackluster Sam Bradford? The numbers and matchup would say so. Even Elliot Harrison on NFL Fantasy Live said he was willing to do so. On ESPN Fantasy Focus they have been getting several e-mails inquiring about the same thing so the pressures on to make the move, but not so fast Fantasy Warrior. There are a few things one must consider before making this move.

It seems so bad on paper. Kapernick versus a defense that helped demoralize back to back teams. But lets not forget why John Harbaugh made the switch in the first place. It all started with the Bears game against the top defense in the league. Sure a few of the Bears were banged up but they still got shred up by this talented young gun.

Seattle plays great at home you say? Well, what about playing a patriots defense that lately has been playing great in Foxborough in December with snow flurries and ice cold rain? Kapernick passes the test with flying colors, throwing for 4TD’s and staving off the horrifying New England Patriots second half comeback. Seriously, I was kind of scared watching that whole thing play out.

So, there you have it. If Kapernick can beat New England in New England and breeze through a top defense like the Bears, is it even worth considering benching him for Sam Bradford?

Yes it’s worth considering because the matchup against Tampa Bay is so welcoming but don’t do it! If you’ve made it this far riding Kapernick then you should live by him and then, potentially, die by him.

Seattle is quite possibly due for a let down. Sure I tried to get too cute and think it was against Bills but it didn’t happen. Losing focus is a part of the game of football. That’s one of the reasons offenses generate big plays: When a defender is isolated, tired and losing focus.

Seattle could also potentially be without two of the best cornerbacks in the league. This will open up a lot for him.

What about the 12th man? No team has a better home field advantage than Seattle and I’d be stupid to argue with you. But, what better way to neutralize a screaming crowd than ripping off a 20 yd run on 3rd and 13 when all receivers are covered? That’ll shut a crowd up real quick, which will in turn provide a sizable momentum shift in Colin Kapernicks favor.

So, Before you get too cute and start Sam Bradford over Colin Kapernick remember what he did against the Bears and in Foxborough with snow Flurries in his face. While I don’t expect Kapernick to go off to the tune of 4TD passes again I do expect him and Sam Bradford to end up with a similar point out put. If that’s the case you go with the guy with the bigger ceiling and in this case that, my friends, is Colin Kapernick. If Sam Bradford has a bad day passing, you’re finished. If Kapernick has a bad day passing he can still get you points running and I’ll take that opportunity a million times before I died starting Bradford in a championship game.