Adventures in Fantasy Football

by fantasyfootballmaven0

It all started so innocently. It was the summer before I would go into high school and my friend begged me to join the freshman team. My whole life parents always asked me to play because I was big for my age. I chose video games instead but eventually I caved about a week into 2 a days. 2 days later my friend who persuaded me to join had quit but it was too late for me. I was hooked. While I didn’t know what I was doing I loved it either way.

I was used as a pass rushing D-Tackle since I didn’t understand simple things like gap responsibility that’s all I could bring to the table. In limited action I generated 6 sacks! Not bad for my first year considering I wasn’t even the starter. From that point on I read about football any chance I could get. When I fall in love with something I go after it, immersing myself fully into the culture. I read everything about football I could get my hands on. I talked football every chance I could get. I watched Sports center over and over again.

My favorite time of the year was the time leading up to the NFL draft. This was before the draft became the spectacle that it is today. It was a time when it began at 9:30 or 10am. I would wake up early, park myself on the couch in front of the TV, stuff my face full of junk food in complete and utter bliss. My friends would laugh and say “What a waste of time.” I was so into it that in high school if you asked me about any of the players drafted in the 7 rounds I could with ease tell you their height, weight, position, team and combine numbers with easy. I knew every prospects vertical jump, 40 yard dash, bench press and anything else they did at the combine. I could also tell you what their upsides were, their ceilings, their floors or character concerns were.

After the draft I bought every magazine that had to do with football. These were pre season magazines that broke down every NFL team. I think I would end up with about 10 of them. None of them really differed in their analysis but I still read and re-read every single one there was. I would take them to the gym with me, sit on a stationary bike and read them for 2-3 hours at a time! I lost a ton of weight doing that.

That’s all I would think about. I would always be projecting, crunching numbers, making predictions, keeping up with breaking news and overall just studying the game of football as if I was working towards a masters degree that took 40 years to complete. I knew my work would never be done and this was a lifelong passion that I would never let go of.

My football career ended after my freshman year in college by choice.  I had walked on a division 2 school and made the team but I was burned out. After bouncing around to several different positions trying to find the right fit I realized I probably wasn’t that great and it was time to move on. I was bummed but the I learned a lot on my journey but it was all worth it for the learning experience.

My obsession never actually left though and I continued breaking down, projecting, analyzing, critiquing, and observing football to this day which marks the 12th year in my journey down the rabbit hole. If football was the blue pill (Matrix), I swallowed a whole bottle full of blue pills. There just was no waking up.

I don’t tell you these things because I’m bragging about it or that I want you to think I’m a weirdo (Although, you probably do at this point) but only to give you an idea of how I come up with my Fantasy Football Analysis. I’m a lifelong student of the game.  I’m also an avid poker player which. Breaking down poker theory and strategy helps give me an edge in fantasy football. While many of you may not understand how or why if you play poker you surely do.

On an average day I read 20-30 articles relating to the NFL. I’m not big on College football and if you continue to read my blog you’ll come to understand why. I also continuously check my phone for updates from different websites such as, Bleacher report, and NBC Sports Talk. I also break down NFL offenses and Defenses. There’s no way to really put an amount of time I spend thinking or reading football but if you did I would say upwards of 8 hours a day. Whenever I have downtime I’m on my phone scanning for updates.

So what is this all for? For the sake of creating a bigger edge when I play fantasy football! Many people look to fantasy football experts for their fantasy knowledge. I also do this but not to find out who to start but to compare my reads. All of my reads are my own and by reading Michael Fabiano’s or Elliot Harrisons point of view I can see how good or bad my reads are.

I have a long term project I’m working on that, I think, will add a new/exciting element to Fantasy Football. When you read this blog you will see the evolution of that and watch it grow from the very beginning. You will also get a chance to advance your game as I will not only be breaking down Fantasy Football Strategy but will also act as a crossroads of Fantasy Football knowledge. By coming here you will get pointed in the right direction as to where to find the best strategy around.

So, that’s my intro. I look forward to contributing to the Fantasy Football community in a very big way